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Any accountant worth their salt should offer you far more than a basic service provider. Unlike your office stationery supplier or your telecoms provider, your accountant should act more like a trusted business partner. 
If your current accountant is not proactively offering you help and advice, you may benefit from a change A good accountant is there to support your business; offering qualified and experienced advice and guidance. Sadly many business owners don’t take advantage 
of their accountant’s business experience by asking for their advice. Worse still, many accountants are not proactive in offering such advice.
Just as you carry out price comparisons when buying new office equipment, it’s always worthwhile conducting periodic checks to ensure that your accountant really does provide excellent value for money. There are thousands of accountants all vying for your 
business and although it’s not a good idea to select your accountant on price alone, it’s good to compare fees with other practices from time to time.
Accountants who do the bare minimum and therefore charge the lowest rates may seem attractive, whereas an energetically proactive and hands-on accountant has the potential to help your business grow, create and protect your personal wealth and make sure you pay 
the minimum amount of tax.